Bigg Boss – 15 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn't Know

1.To date, they are the only couple who have married in the mansion. They broke up during the next two months. The live-in couple was believed to have paid the show's producers Rs. 50 lakhs to increase the show's TRP. On the other side, the channel denies this. Read this article for more info about how to watch Bigg Boss 15 All Episodes.

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu is the only participant who has never been eliminated by his fellow contestants. Due to his political duties, he opted to leave the show. According to sources, he canceled it to safeguard his tainted reputation on the show.

3. According to legend, alcoholic housemates are provided alcohol in juice packets. Few celebs want alcohol, and the producer fulfills this desire.

4. It's fairly common for contestants to get close in the house. Housemates are frequently drawn to one another and create strong ties. Because this is a family film, an erotic scene might offend the audience, thus the makers deleted the steamy portions.

5. During the day, a few housemates hide beneath the table or behind the couch in the Bigg Boss house to sleep where they won't be seen by the camera.

6.The champion of Big Boss 9 is number six. Prince Narula has also won MTV Splitsvilla 8, MTV Roadies X2, and Nach Baliye 9 with his wife Yuvika Chaudhary (whom he met in big boss). The "King of Reality Shows" is his moniker.

7. Jade Goody was the first contestant from outside of the United States to appear on The Big Boss. Because she was dying of cancer, she had no choice but to leave the house.

8. Any candidate who attempts to leave the house in the middle or jumps the Big Boss wall boundary will be fined Rs. 50 lakhs for breaking the agreement.

9.The washrooms and the bathroom hall are the only portions of the enormous boss home without cameras.

10.There are no clocks in the Bigg Boss building.It is not permissible for participants to keep track of time. The paintings on exhibit in the residence are solely for aesthetic purposes.

11. Pamela Anderson of Baywatch was paid Rs. 2.5 crore a day to appear on the Bigg Boss reality show for three days.

12. Salman Khan charges an eye-watering Rs. 11 crore per episode for hosting Big Boss.

13. A number of the roommates have claimed to have witnessed paranormal activity in the house. It was agreed upon by a member of the crew. They've observed a strange-looking woman in the corner of the room.

14. My inmates can't sweep the Enormous Boss mansion on their own since it's too big. Housemates assist with light cleaning and dusting, and the house is swept by an outside cleaner. While the cleaning crew works, the candidates are not allowed to communicate with them, are separated from the cleaners, and magnetic gates are closed.

15. No wild card entry has ever won a season of Bigg Boss.

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